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Brandon's Five Friday Finds- Home Office Edition with a Dash!

Happy Friday! Have you been working from home? I know I have... more than ever! So this week, I decided to focus on homes with a home office. One could be music to your ears!

This first pick sits on top a 10,000 sq ft lot at the end of a court in a gated community. A custom home with crafted details, like wainscoting and hardwood floors. Take a dip in the pool after cranking out a log days work! Zoom in Here

This ones on the record. Built out to be a recording studio, it doubles as an office for work and or pleasure. Tune in Here

Up for Tennis, swim or Yoga before logging on? Step out your back door and hit the lap pool or tennis court to start the day. Clear your mind walking the olive grove- that sits on over 40 acres with hiking trails and a seasonal creek. Serve your self Here

How about that "corner office with a view"? View for days! Over looking Green Valley & Country Club. Perched on the side of Rockville Rd, this hill top office is above the rest! Gaze for days Here

Just a dash... of Everything! This delicious find at Trader Joe's will be your new favorite topping to sprinkle on just about anything. I would eat a shoe if it had this stuff on it lol. Enjoy and share!

As always, let me know what you think of my finds. @realtorbrandon on social. 707-685-0606.

It's feeling like Summer is here early. Stay cool friends. Have a great weeked!

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