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Increasing your Curb Appeal

If you are thinking about selling anytime this year, its never too soon to start working on that curb appeal! Step outside and look at the first impression your home is giving. Most people are looking at homes online and will skip over homes based on that first listing photo, so lets make sure your home doesn't miss that double tap!

1)Landscape: Maintain your grass by regular mowing and seeding any patchy spots. Remove any weeds from the yard, and if you have trees make sure they are trimmed. Fresh bark will really help existing plants pop! And lastly, if there is room in your budget, think about planting some fresh plants and flowers to bare areas.

2) Power wash: Rent or borrow a power washer to clean up the exterior of the house, the walk way, and the driveway. And don't forget the back patio and any exterior steps if you have any!

3) Clean windows: Clean the inside and outside of the windows so your home is sparkling. This is a good time to inspect for any weathering that made need repair.

4) Color to the front door: Adding a bright contrasting color to your front door to bring life to your entry way. Or freshen up the trim to make the entrance stand out.

5) Repaint the exterior: Freshen up existing paint or try a new color for the exterior. Look at your neighbors and your landscape to get a feel for what would suit your home.

6) Paint the Trim: If you can't paint the exterior, think about painting just the trim or windows in an accent color to make the house pop.

7) Replace exterior fixtures: Out of date lights can seem unappealing. Even replacing housing numbers with a modern font can do wonders for curb appeal.

8) Add outdoor lighting: Add lighting to a pathway and spot lights to special features can be very easy be done in one afternoon with solar lights.


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