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Winner Winner, Fiesta Days Dinner

As some of you know, Fiesta Days has always been very special to me and my family. For years, my Dad and his band (and myself on the drums) played in the parade. Fiesta Days Fair is also where I took my wife on one of very first dates many many years ago.

To celebrate its return this year, I am giving away a Tri-Tip Dinner for 5, delivered to your door by yours truly! To enter, comment below your favorite Fiesta Days memory or favorite Fiesta Days tradition! Winner will be picked on May 26!

Fiesta Days Fair, photo courtesy of Visit Vacaville

Fiesta Days Parade, photo courtesy of Solano County Library

History of Fiesta Days

"We created Fiesta Days in July 1957. We called it Western Fiesta, the week was more akin to a cowboy roundup and rodeo. There was plenty of square dancing and the rodeo ran for two days. Everybody seemed to be involved. Most of our events were started that year: Parade, Queen Contest and the Jail and Beard-growing Contest. The parade was on Saturday. It’s route began at West and Merchant streets, heading up to Main street and turning west to Buck Avenue. The parade was run by the Fire Department. A big barbecue was held in Andrew’s Park. It was on Sunday that the first Whiskerino Contest was held. It seems that all the men in town were challenged to grow a beard. A jail was set up to incarcerate any man who hadn’t grown a beard. Even the town’s distinguished Judge S.M. Dobbins was made a “jailbird.” The City Council members dressed up in long black coats with top hats and Lincoln-style beards for their meeting during Fiesta week. All five men took part in the parade in costume and riding donkeys. Western Fiesta became Fiesta Days and the community’s Spanish and Mexican heritage has been given more attention over the years. Events changed and committee members disagreed, battled, quit and rejoined, but somehow, Fiesta Days has endured for 50 years."


Katie Mirchandani
Katie Mirchandani
May 28, 2021

One day late to enter, but it is still worth sharing :)

My husband, daughter and I had just moved from Martinez to Vacaville and we were excited to experience our first local festival so soon after relocating. We had a great time experiencing the tastes and the sounds of such a fantastic celebration. But the best part came the following day when we opened the paper and saw a photo of our daughter with a huge smile while she excitedly rode the carousel!


Megan Lee Olsen
Megan Lee Olsen
May 26, 2021

My favorite memory of Fiesta Days....well basically they are a combination of my time participating in the Fiesta Days parade in middle school and high school. Being apart of the marching band for Vaca Pena Middle School and Will C. Wood High School, I was in the parade every year. All the local schools were. And it was such a privilege to perform every year. And let me tell you marching and playing with a saxophone is no easy task. But my favorite year had to be when I was in the drumline. I was front and center and had a solo. Again carrying around a very large instrument, the xylophone. I don't know why I always played such heavy…

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